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February 24, 2011


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A New place to gather ideas for the next CAD build

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 24, 2011, 3:05 AM

Hello, dear CAD lovers. :)

Today (Feb, 24th 2011) Carlos has introduced a new place, where we can gather suggestions and ideas for improvements regarding a new CAD build.
The original post by Carlos can be found here.

As Carlos spoke of "even less time to code CAD", I am not very optimistic if he will release a new build (or the CAD 3.0 final) in the near future.
Not a very bad thing, as the current beta runs pretty stable.

So if you've got any suggestions for a new build, check the entries first, and then write it down at the bottom link.

CAD at

Limited to 100 characters per message. But you can add a more detailed comment to every subject.

Thanks for reading,

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Llightdriver Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2011
Well, I saw that you cant make transparent holes in the cover. Thats a problem when tha case is a vinyl or a compact disc.
OtisBee Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011   Interface Designer
i know what you mean and i've been wanting this feature myself for like forever. :D
holes are one thing but to create custom shaped covers (not just squared or rounded) would be the real deal that i'd really love to come true. :nod:

however, Carlos once told me that with VisualBasic (VB) it is not (never will be) possible to implement that feature, because it's simply not supported in VB. :hmm:

sorry ;)
Llightdriver Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011
Hmm... I see... Yea ...:nod: Pearhaps some tool that make changes to the cover itself, saving a copy, like "alfa of the case" to "alfa in the cover"...
And now that I think about the cover... There is another thing.. Existig covers can be managed with some limitations, dont you think?. Next version could extend the posibilities in that area
barberioX Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
:) Please post your request at the link above.
Llightdriver Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2011
I have tryed, but I was out of sufficient synthesis capacity. Its not a re cuest., so no problem, just tryed to aport something, thats all;)
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