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Submitted on
March 17, 2010


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CD Art Display

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 17, 2010, 6:29 AM

         | How to make a Skin?
         | Skin Editor explained


as a desktop application CD Art Display (aka CAD) was created to be a highly customizable and skinnable interface to show an album cover for the track that's currently playing in your media player (i.e. Winamp, iTunes, Windows Media Player, Foobar2000 etc.).

as a group #CD-Art-Display is meant to put a roof over an ever increasing amount of skinners, fans, contributors, addicts and all sorts of other supporters, which then would provide them with latest news & announcements, skins, tutorials & resources, help, contacts, contests, inspiration and many things more that are in any way related to the app CD Art Display.

we -the staff of #CD-Art-Display- have created a platform where a community could stay in touch with skinners and developers (.. and of course other friends and supporters) as well as the overall progress of a cool little app.

since the CD Art Display communitiy is already very large (while still growing) here on deviantART, it is our goal to encourage each and every one of our fans to join this group and hereby give them something they can easily identify with.

there are two different member classes for you to join, which both have different abilities & capabilities enabled that are explained as following:

as a Member you will always be well informed about the things going on in here. you can submit your own or others' CAD skins to our "Faves" gallery. after a short voting procedure by our skinners & administrators, your deviation is likely to be applied in there. Members can also invite people to also join our group.
membership requests will automatically be accepted.

the minimum requirement to join as a Skinner is that you have created at least one CAD skin. your joinrequests are subject to vote by our administrators & skinners. once accepted you'll be able to vote on new gallery submissions, join- and affiliation requests, too. besides, you'll have access to our "Back Room" and to our forum in there. Skinners can contribute their and others' work to our galleries and they can invite other deviants to join our group.


- Skins on deviantART

- Development in CAD 3

- Feature suggestions for CAD

- Feature suggestions for CAD
(in our "Back Room") 

- Bug Reports

- Bug Reports
(in our "Back Room") 

- How to submit a Skin

- 1.0 Skins converted to 2.0

that's right, there's a CD Art Display chatroom here on deviantART. you're friendly invited to join that Chatroom and to connect with fellow CAD-lovers and skinners there.
we also plan on making certain announcements on a regular basis, where we'd inform anybody about our community-meetings in that chatroom.

Enter the CAD Chat



Part I

CAD Features Part I by barberioX

"Scrollbutton for the Lyrics Viewer"
& the "Divided Time" feature
Part II

CAD Features Part II by barberioX

the "Skinned Elapsed Time" feature

Part III

CAD Features Part III by barberioX

the "Moveable Panel" feature

Part IV

CAD Features Part IV -A- by barberioX CAD Features Part IV -B- by barberioX

the "Animated Case" feature

Part V

CAD Features Part V by barberioX

the importance of the "Preview Image"

Part VI

CAD Features Part VI by barberioX

"submitting your skin" to CAD's Skin Browser

Part VII

CAD Features Part VII by barberioX

"Substyle Management"

to be continued...




:iconcustomizers: :icontech-hub: :iconditchdefault:

:iconda-premium: :iconskinnerz: :iconoscustomize:

:iconiconbox: :iconartistunion: :iconcustomize-that-pc:

:iconguipulp: :iconwallpaperism: :icondeskmoddeiros:

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:iconrainmeter: :iconaimp2: :iconcreativedesktop:

:iconthecreatives: :iconcustomizers-world: :iconfrespiration:

:iconartescritorio: :icondeskmodder-de: :iconnon-transparent:

:iconlight-x-customizers: :iconwindocks: :iconwinamp-skinners:

please scroll



.. who provided most of the CSS coding this site's appearance is based on…

.. who kindly gave permission to use his RSS- and Twitter icons robsonbillponte666.deviantart.… as well as the Poll icon he made exclusively for our group.

.. who created an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to make and integrate buttons…

.. who is signing himself responsible for the overlapping thumbs code…

.. who taught an easy yet amazing way to show mini-thumbs…

.. who showed a way to easily implement scrollboxes.…

.. who made the code our great looking gallery folders are based on…

.. who was a great and exceptional help by providing a plethora of useful tips, explanations and code snippets to even more finetune our group's overall appearance

.. who provided the php script for our randomly displayed gallery folder thumbs
please scroll


official CD ART DISPLAY stamp by OtisBee
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murasaki55 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2010
finally! :woohoo:
This is awesome. ;)
OtisBee Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2010   Interface Designer
hahaha, .. you know how much i wanted this, right? :D
i'm so proud it came out this way.
especially if i take my noob-like skills in html and css into count.
it has been a lot fiddling around, but after many many hours of tweaking and editing i finally got it to work. :lol:

so, i am very very happy that you like the outcome just as much as i do. :dance:
thank you heaps, Kris!! :hug:
murasaki55 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2010
your welcome. :boogie:
anyway, are you going to work on something like this [link] too? :lol:
OtisBee Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2010   Interface Designer
honestly.. i think this would exceed my knowledge and skills far more than just by a bit. :D

instead, my focus right now is on making the right side of our group's profile look similar in style and appearance to the left side (transparent background etc. to create an even more streamlined and seamless approach).
more precisely i'm thinking about bringing more attention to the skins of our skinners and the topic of skinning CAD in general. so, on the left side we have plenty of information about CAD and our group themselves, which should be more than enough right now and on the right side there should now be more about what's making CAD a real gemstone: and that's the skins and their skinners.

i have a few ideas in mind and when i find the time i'll get right to the process of realizing them.

well, we'll see how that'll turn out, soon. :D
murasaki55 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2010
that would be great. :eager:
but anyway, what happened to the widget on the left? It's a waste to not take advantage of a super group since only super groups can use that. :)
OtisBee Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2010   Interface Designer
what widget do you mean? the slim column on the left that used to show some group statistics, our affiliates and the "join us" text?

well, that's something that is used by the non-super groups as well.
to be honest, i consider it to be quite an advantage not to use that slim column, because we're now able to have more clarity in our group's profile.

you know, as a super group we can choose from 4 different layouts: [link]
as you can see, non-super groups are only enabled to use Layout A, which is quite similiar to Layout C, which is the one we have used until yesterday.
right now we're using Layout D, which on first glance looks even less feature packed than the regular non-super group Layout A, but then again we have still a lot of widgets and features in our groups that only super groups can use. for example we are able to show as many blog entries as we like, just like we do right now (left side = transparent blog. right side = dark colored blog). also we have a forum in our "Back Room". not to forget about the twitter- and poll widgets, which are also available for super groups only.

well the group restructuring hasn't ended yet and i'm sure we will end up with a cool looking site that can be pretty well distinguished from other groups in general and from non-super groups in particular.

besides, .. the fact that the left slim column isn't there anymore, doesn't actually mean that the infos in there are gone too. they're all still there and nothing has disappeared or has been deleted. they're just at different places now. the group statistics for example are now placed at the very top of our group's page and so are the buttons to invite someone, to send us a note or to affiliate our group with another one. the affiliated groups themselves are now located in our main page and also the chatroom button is somewhat "weaved" in there.

in resume, i don't think that we actually waste any super group advantages.
in fact, i think that we take a great deal of advantages from the super group status. :D
murasaki55 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2010
i see.. :D
it's because most super groups use C and for some reason some non-super groups somehow looks like D when I logged in while it looks A when i browse anonymously. :confused: example is #Desktop-Screenshots , you will notice that the slim column is not there.
OtisBee Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2010   Interface Designer
oh yes, you're right. :lol:

however, i'm willing to keep the current layout, because as you can see we have two-columned entries to both sides (left & right) of our main page now (a total of 4) and an additional column -even if it's just a slim one- would make the site look rather odd, if viewed on smaller screen resolutions. ;)
OtisBee Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2010   Interface Designer
so, how do you like the new style of our group's homepage? :D
barberioX Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2010  Hobbyist Interface Designer
btw: where is this CSS from?
Or are you in CSS programming too? :)
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